Former Philanthro SF President, Grandma, and Kickstarter

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Adam London, our very own former Philanthro SF President and his 89-year-old grandma, Pearl Malkin launched a business endeavor utilizing the most tech-savvy tools available for raising initial capital.  The well known crowd sourcing platform, Kickstarter was their vehicle of choice.

Kickstarter, according to their webiste, “is a funding platform for creative projects…Every project creator sets their project’s funding goal and deadline. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers’ credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short, no one is charged. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.”

Pearl Malkin newest business is called, Happy Canes, a line of walking sticks she decorates with artificial flowers.  If you are in the market for some great gifts – reach out.

Adam and Pearl’s story have been featured on CNNMoney, HuffingtonPostBusiness Insider and many others!

Big congrats from your Philanthro family! We are so proud!



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