Minds Matter, partnered with Philanthro SF, Spring Gala 2013

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It wasn’t surprising when the Minds Matter of San Francisco’s second annual Spring Gala sold out. With countless young professionals invited to dance the night away at the Julia Morgan Ballroom, the turnout was bound to be a smash! Social media, surrounding the event, was abuzz, capturing the palpable excitement leading up to the big night. “I haven’t been this excited for an event since my bar mitzvah,” a gala guest said.

The 800 some attendees learned about the Spring Gala from a variety of sources. Many guests found out about the gala through Minds Matter of San Francisco volunteers, but others got wind of the party from social calendars, like Sosh.

“I joined the executive committee a few months ago and knew from the start that I couldn’t miss our biggest fundraiser of the year,” said Edith Chao, VP of Strategic Partnerships. “Not to mention an awesome and classy party!”

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While some came simply for the chance to dress up for the red carpet, others came to spend time with friends and loved ones. “My sister was the co-chair of the Spring Gala,” said Emiko Miyamoto. “So, my husband and I went to support her, as well as Minds Matter – since the event was for such a great cause.”


Months of event planning and organization went into the night, but the success of the evening was undeniably rewarding. With the help of Philanthro SF, a volunteer run non-profit that hosts fundraising events, the gala unfolded smoothly. Co-CEO Naveed Ahmad found that the gala exceeded his “absurdly high expectations.” And the positive gathering moved him.

“The opportunity to celebrate Minds Matter’s successes with volunteers and friends was my favorite part,” Ahmad said. “The impact Minds Matter has on its students and San Francisco, as a whole, starts with our mentors. Our mentors make a very serious commitment and sacrifice, putting in hundreds of hours a year. I was excited for them to get to share this part of their lives with their friends — and I was excited to get to do the same!”

There were multiple high points of the Spring Gala. From the open bar to the photo booth, guests mingled in high spirits. On the dance floor, DJs Chris Clouse and Ryan Lucero spun top hits all night. Attendees looked stunning in their cocktail attire, and flashed smiles for photographer Igor Capibaribe. “The highlight of my night was seeing Hubrist perform,” gala goer Callie Waldman said. “They killed it!”

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The silent auction was also a favorite for some, featuring donations from all Bay Area professional sports teams. “It was amazing to watch my friend’s donated painting sell for over $200!” said Jung-Ah Yum, VP of Internal Communications.

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As the gala began to wind down, and guests headed to the after-party at 5A5 steakhouse lounge, Macklemore’s mega-platinum single “Thrift Shop” came on. Many guests rushed onto the dance floor to party to the popular hit. In a surprise twist, the Minds Matter SF team interrupted the song and broke out in a Harlem Shake, much to the crowd’s delight. And a “Hyphy Committee” distributed glow sticks to the amused guests, adding memorability to the sophisticated night.

On the short walk to the after party, a first time Spring Gala guest said it wouldn’t be her last time. “From getting all dressed up and walking on the red carpet, to mingling and dancing inside the beautiful Julia Morgan Ballroom, the Minds Matter Gala was definitely a must-do SF experience,” Katherine Kramer said. “I can’t wait to go again next year!”

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Post courtesy of Minds Matter SF.

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