Our partners mean the world to us and are more than just non-profits, they are our partners in getting young professionals involved. They’re doing the work on the ground floor to solve real problems and make big changes in the world. We’re here to shine a light on all of that and support it, all the while getting young professionals to be inspired to take part.

How We Choose Beneficiaries

With every non-profit we work with, we want to develop relationships that last longer than one event. We look for organizations that are serious about getting young professionals educated and active about their cause, as much as their effectiveness at making a difference in their cause.

All of this boils down to these key criteria:

Local representation
Dedication to Young Professionals

Become A Beneficiary

If you want to become a beneficiary, visit the Get Involved page or fill out the form below. For any other questions, e-mail us at
Global Brigades
Make A Wish Greater Bay Area
Surf Rider
SF+ Acumen
Food Runners